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Norway Mountain – Yooper Day 2012 – February 11, 2012

Pack up the family and head north this weekend for Norway Mountain’s 20th Annual Yooper Day celebration featuring the Yooper Games of Winter

Half price lift ticket to anyone that wears FULL Yooper attire—includes blaze orange; all flannel/wool; long underwear on the outside and don’t ferget yer kromer, eh?

Slope Side Competitions

11:00 pm Pasty Eating Contest Race to eat the pasty first without using hands.  East Deck 2 Divisions – Kids 16 & under/Adults 17 & older

12:30 pm Hose Race Team of 4 races through the Loki course with a fire hose. 2 Divisions — Juniors 10-16 / Adults 17 & older

1:00 pm Children’s Hot Chocolate Race Fun for the kids 9 and under.    Race course designed just for kids on Bragi.

2:00 pm Chainsaw Throw Throw the Chainsaw the farthest?  Upper Loki (No catching allowed!) Men’s & Women’s Divisions—Adults 17 & older only

3:00 pm Pasty Throw Closest to (or in) the bucket.  Upper Loki (No eating allowed!) Adult & Junior Divisions


Events in Toasty’s Bar

Adults 21 & Over  (Must be alive and want to have fun to participate)

3:00 pm Red Solo Cup Decorating Contest Show your artistic skills with a black Sharpie and a red Solo cup

4:00 pm Norway’s Famous Frozen T-Shirt Contest Thaw it, unroll it & wear it

Visit Norway Mountain Website >>>>

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